Chelsea Handler’s talk show on Netflix can finally be called by its proper name. The program isn’t considered a part of her “Chelsea Does” series, and it’s expected to be different from her E! talk show, “Chelsea Lately.” The title of the new show, though, follows the pattern.

“Chelsea” is the title of Handler’s latest effort, Entertainment Weekly reports. “We thought long and hard about the title for my new Netflix show,” said the comedian. “After two to three long hours, we came up with the name ‘Chelsea.’ That’s it, just ‘Chelsea.’ Not ‘Just Chelsea.’ ‘Chelsea,’ because that’s my name.”

The series will debut Wednesday, May 11, but unlike other Netflix series, viewers won’t be able to settle in for a 13-hour binge-watching session that week. Handler will release three shows a week, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Handler posted a letter to herself on Instagram to explain the new schedule.


In a Periscope Q&A session Thursday, Handler addressed several questions about the new show. She explained that those who enjoyed her Netflix docuseries “Chelsea Does” should tune in. “That I used as a bridge to kind of inform people kind of what I’m doing on the new show,” she said. “So if you liked ‘Chelsea Does,’ you will like the new show.”

She also added that she’d have very different types of guests, including celebrities, athletes, politicians and more. She also noted that she didn’t want to interview reality stars.

“Chelsea” will have 90 episodes a year. Though it’s filmed in front of a live audience, she isn't necessarily aiming for the typical late night talk show. “We’ll play games, but not games like in a game show,” Handler explained. “The set’s cool and it’s dark and it’s fun. It’s like being at my house and listening in on a conversation. That’s the vibe I wanted to get and I got it, and it’s what I’m after. And I think you guys will really like it too. I don’t want it to be a talk show where I come out every night singing and dancing and trying to get everybody laughing. I want it to be cooler than that.”

She explained that the episodes will likely go up about 12 hours after they’re taped. However, she has been filming segments for three months already in Mexico City, Tokyo, Florida and other locations. Handler believes that streaming to 190 different countries will allow her to tell more global stories.

“It’s gonna be like Oprah, but different,” she added. “Much different.”

“Chelsea” premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, May 11.