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New Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas set about dealing with one what will be one of his toughest judges during his Chelsea tenure - the media. He impressed in his first press conference, at Stamford Bridge, stating that he would bring a more attack-minded philosophy to the team.

The Portuguese said: It's not just about winning, but winning with a certain amount of flair. Everyone likes attacking football.

One of his first assignments was to find a suitable assistant manager. He settled on former West Brom boss and ex-Blues midfielder Roberto di Matteo.

If you see the technical staff in front of me, and my appointment of Roberto, these are people who like the quality of the game and have a philosophy.

The Premier League has a certain amount of goals in every game and it should be an entertaining game for the fans and that is what we will look to do.

Despite signing a three-year contract, he knows a failure to meet expectations will see him at London for a considerably lesser period.

He said, The expectations are for the maximum. We want to win trophies, that is the challenge we face day by day in any business. Everyone wants to be the best and win something and the challenge is to win as soon as possible and to build a platform for the future.

He also set about distancing himself from the inevitable comparisons with his former-mentor Jose Mourinho, stating he should be called 'The Group One' with emphasis on a collective achievement.

This is not a one-man show, this is about creating empathy, ambition and motivation in everybody, he said. I am just one guy in this big club. Maybe I should be called 'The Group One'. I want to group people to be successful.

It's not a question of me taking on Sir Alex Ferguson or other Premier League managers, it's about a top club like Chelsea challenging for the title.

We need to be up there from the beginning; it's about trying to build something that can make us powerful, and help us threaten for the title as we have in the past.