It seems like every now and then, a new trend will appear on Twitter or Facebook proclaiming the death of a celebrity. This week, the Twitter-verse experienced the death of Cher.

Of course, Cher did not die. It was another one of those ridiculous rumors that spread throughout the social media platform.

Hearing the news, Cher's publicist got the word out that the 65-year-old actress and singer was alive and well. But not before thousands of people spread the rumor. Even other celebrities were fooled.

Did I juist hear Cher has passed away? Is this real? OMG, Tweeted Kim Kardashian to her nearly 13 million followers.

It appeared she was so scared, that she didn't even have time to check her spelling. Thankfully, she found out it was just an ugly rumor.

Can't believe people would make up a sick joke like Cher died. These people need to get a life! Thanks twitter for clearing that up!, she said over her Twitter account.

On Friday, the phrase Cher Not Dead began trending in order to solidify the point that she was, in fact, alive and well.