After filming three and a half seasons, Chevy Chase has left his starring role on the NBC sitcom “Community.” 

According to Deadline, most of the episodes for the 13-episode fourth season of “Community” have already been filmed. Chase will not be appearing in one or two episodes that have yet to be filmed, though he will be in the season finale.

Chase’s departure should come as no surprise to fans of the cult-favorite “Community.” The veteran comedic actor has been vocal in his dislike for the series since it debuted in 2009. 

A few months ago, Chase gave an interview to the Huffington Post UK completely tearing "Community" apart. 

“Well, I have to say that one of the things that bothers me about our show is that it is placed in that study room all the time, with the same light, the same color. That's not interesting to see a lot. It's just joke after joke after joke around that table,” Chase said.

After complaining about problems on the set of “Community,” Chase went on to tear down the entire sitcom genre.

“The hours are hideous, and it's still a sitcom on television, which is probably the lowest form of television,” he said.

Even when discussing fellow “Community” stars Donald Glover, Joel McHale and Allison Brie, Chase only had backhanded compliments to deliver. 

“I think the reason I have stuck around is because I love these kids, the cast - they are very good,” Chase said before following it up with an insult. “It's not like I am working with the great innovators of all time, but at the same time, they are my friends.”

Chase has also been the instigator of a public feud with series creator and former head writer Dan Harmon. After Chase left a profanity-laced message on Harmon’s voicemail, the showrunner went public with the message, and the fallout ultimately led to Harmon being fired from his own show.

“Community” fans should be looking forward to the show’s return in February, albeit with a few  Chase-less episodes. Glover, McHale, and the rest of the show's cast will continue to star.