“Chicago Fire” Season 5 will feature new faces.

Fulvia Vergel and Daniel Zacapa have been cast as Gabby (Monica Raymund) and Antonio (Jon Seda) Dawson’s parents, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The two, who will appear on the seventh episode of the season, will visit Chicago to celebrate their anniversary, but their stay won’t exactly be enjoyable. The visit, however, will be right on time for them to witness major milestones in the lives of their children. Gabby has been granted to care for a child, while Dawson is going to start a new relationship.

Speaking of the introduction of his parents to the show, Seda said: “They’re emotional characters. When it comes to family, they don’t play around with that. Their family values are really strong, so when there are some issues that come up, it’s going to affect them pretty good.”

Aside from the new faces, the upcoming season will also explore new facets of some of the characters’ personalities. For instance, a side of Mouch’s (Christian Stolte) life that his co-workers have never known before will be revealed in the first episode of the season, according to TV Guide. It turns out Mouch has been hiding a side-job all these years. The character is a secret romance novelist, whose works are set in firehouses. His secret will be discovered by Sylvie (Kara Killmer), and a new journey for the two will start from there.

There will also be new challenges for many of the characters. Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Gabby will not get married in the upcoming season, but they will face a major milestone in their relationship. The two will try to learn how to raise a child, and it will prove to be life-altering.

Follow the journey of your favorite “Chicago Fire” characters starting Oct. 11, 9 p.m. on NBC.