At least 94 were killed as landslides and heavy rains unleash floods in central and southern China on Saturday.

Central and southern China, facing drought just over a week ago has turned into the scenes of muddy destruction.

Weather stations in Yueyang in Hunan province, recorded more than 200 millimeters of rain in six hours, the kind of downpour that strikes once every 300 years, the China News Service reported, citing local weather officials. 

The floods across parts of 13 provinces had killed 94 people with 78 missing, damaged 465,000 hectares of crops, till Saturday, the flood and drought office said. 

The recent drought had dried up the region's soil, which has increased the risk of landslides during recent heavy rainfalls, said Xinhua, citing a province government adviser. 

If it wasn't for the quarrying above the village, Maojiazu would not have suffered such a disaster, said Yao Shifu, 71, according to the Beijing News.