The Tengzhong-Hummer deal hasn't been approved by the Chinese government, Xinhua reported on Monday, citing government officials.

The officials, who refused to be named, were commenting on recent media reports saying the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) had approved the Chinese machinery maker's acquiring General Motor's (GM) Hummer.

Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Corp did not say in its application to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) whether it would produce Hummer in China, or acquire Hummer's assets or stake in parent company GM.

An MOC official also denied media reports the ministry had given a green light to the deal, saying Tengzhong had only said it would purchase the Hummer brand in its application.

The ministry has asked Tengzhong to make clear whether it intended to buy the Hummer's patent or its technology.

The Chengdu-based company signed a memorandum of understanding with GM in early June to buy Hummer.

Hummer is to wrap up the purchase of Hummer at the end of September, the Beijing Youth Daily reported last week, quoting unnamed sources as saying.

The construction machine maker said there will be no change on Hummer's original management, and the production base will remain in the US after the acquisition.