BEIJING (Commodity Online): Chinese food safety regulator, State Food and Drug Administration is said to have ordered a thorough investigation into the unhygienic supplies of edible oil, which is estimated to be about one-tenth of total Chinese edible oil supplies.

According to reports, the edible oil was illegally made, mainly from the discarded kitchen waste and contained carcinogenic agents into it. The state food safety regulator, SFDA has ordered an inspection of all food service providers and vowed to punish manufacturers producing drainage oil.

If food service providers are found to be using cooking oil from an unclear source, or if they have bought 'drainage oil', their operations will be immediately halted and they will be dealt with in accordance with the law, said the order posted on the administration's website.

The use of illegally made cooking oil is said to be prevalent in China as industry sources mentioned that out of the total edible oil consumption of about 22.5 million tonnes, people in China consumed about two to three million tons of illegal cooking oil every year.

China's food industry is notoriously prone to food safety scares. The government said the problem has been contained.