The Chris Brown alleged phone robbery police report is available to read here. acquired a police report filed Sunday morning in Miami that charges Chris Brown with robbery by sudden snatching.

Brown, who is still serving five years of probation for beating his ex-girlfriend Rhianna, allegedly exited the Miami Beach club shortly after 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning, and was spotted by 24-year-old fan Christal Shanae Spann.

Spann told police that she followed Chris Brown and his friend Tyga leaving the club through a side door, so she followed them out and watched him get into a black Bentley.

She alleges that she then tried to take a photo of him inside the vehicle with her iPhone 4s, at which point Chris Brown allegely reached through his car window, snatched her phone from her hands, and said 'bitch you ain't going to put that on no Website, according to the police report.     

He allegedly then drove away with her phone. According to TMZ, if he is found guilty of robbing Spann, he could face four years in prison if officers decide he violated the terms of his ongoing probation stemming from his assault conviction in connection with the 2009 incident with Rhianna.

The incident remains under investigation, meaning the world will have to wait to find out whether Chris Brown really robbed a girl on Sunday in Florida.

In the meantime I guess we'll have to be happy just reading the police report.