Chris Brown is furious that he woke up to reports that he allegedly threated a woman with a gun at his Los Angeles home. The “Liquor” singer took to Instagram Tuesday posting several videos denying the incident happened and bashing the LAPD for coming to his house.

In the first video, Brown explained his side of the story saying that he was tired of dealing with the “bulls---“, claiming he’s innocent. “So I’m sleep half the damn night, I wake up all these mother---ing helicopter choppers is around, police out there at the gate … I stay out of the way, take care of my daughter, do work,” he said. “I don’t even f--- ugly b------, trifling b------, whatever the f--- it is. I’m not on that bro. I’m way too tired to be dealing with this bulls---. … I’m innocent. F--- everybody.”

In a second video, the 27-year-old singer said all the news stories about him right now are giving him “better publicity.” He also denied reports claiming he had barricaded himself inside his house. “I ain’t did s---, I ain’t gonna do s--- and it’s always going to be f--- the police, black lives matter,” Brown ranted. “I don’t care, y’all gonna stop playing with me like I’m the villain out here, like I’m going crazy. I’m not.”

Brown went on to say that he wasn’t worried about the LAPD trying to obtain a warrant to search his home because they wouldn’t find anything. “Y’all the worst gang in the world,” Brown said, referring to cops.

Shortly after Brown posted his videos, TMZ reported that police allegedly found at least one gun, other weapons and drugs at the home. The outlet said that the discovery was made after Brown tossed a duffle bag out of his window, and yelled for authorities to “come and get” him.

Brown’s most recent troubles came after an unidentified woman said that he allegedly threatened her with a gun during an argument. TMZ reported earlier Tuesday that Brown had some people over his house — including “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Ray J — when a man and two women entered his home uninvited. They were asked to leave, and one of the uninvited ladies is the one who said Brown threatened her. The singer’s friends quickly denied the accusations telling the outlet that Brown was asleep and did nothing wrong.