Chris Brown has been accused of committing a crime once again and this time it involves a weapon.

According to TMZ, a woman said the R&B singer pulled a gun on her after they had an argument inside his Los Angeles home. The alleged incident took place on Tuesday morning, and eventually 911 was called.

Reportedly, two men entered Brown’s home when he was hanging out with some friends and one of them was Ray J, who was getting a tattoo. At some point, a man who wasn’t invited walked into the house with two women, and one of them said a gun was pulled on her when she was asked to leave. Others, however, claimed the singer was asleep the whole time and did nothing wrong.

Moreover, Ray J was handcuffed by police on Brown’s driveway, but they let him go after his identification was checked. Unfortunately for the newly married reality star, the police kept his BMW for evidence.

Unfortunately for Brown, he’s been accused of numerous wrongdoings this year alone. As we previously reported, a woman named Liziane Gutierrez said she was assaulted by him in January. Then in May, based on a separate TMZ report, Breezy was accused of having someone beat up on a yacht.

In addition, the singer’s former image consultant said Brown beat him up in a hotel room last month, which landed him in the emergency room.

Afterward, Breezy responded and said the man was completely lying. “N----- getting mad and filing lawsuits, ‘cause I fired them ‘because they’re stealing money,” he stated in June. “You’re mad because you’re no longer existing. It’s alright. We’re going to keep pushing.”

Undoubtedly, the Virginia native has been at the center of a lot of negative press this year, after it looked like he was trying to turn over a new leaf at the close of 2015. If you recall, he sent a number of inspirational tweets around that time and admitted many of his mistakes.

“You can be whatever you wanna be,” wrote Brown in November of 2015. “I’m not perfect and have done my fair share of wrongs and that’s why I speak for the weak … I may have money, cars, fame. I love nice things, but I also know they aren’t important … Struggle is growth. Pain is growth.”

As far as this latest accusation, the woman’s name hasn’t been revealed yet, and police are still investigating.