Barely a month out of his four-month stint in jail, Chris Brown is raising some serious questions about the state of his recovery.

Ahead of serving his jail sentence for violating a judge’s orders by getting kicked out of rehab, Brown had previously shouted out the Fruit Town Piru – a subset of the Bloods street gang, reports TMZ. 

He called out the group in a Twitter rant he posted in May 2013. During a trip to Hawaii, he also spray-painted the name of the group on some legal street art.

Now Brown appears to once again be showing his affiliation with the gang, following a picture he posted on his Instagram account.

The image showed a pair of black and white Vans sneakers and was captioned with the following message: “It’s bool! I stand on my own two feet when life gets brazy.”

Brown IG Several of Chris Brown's followers on Instagram grabbed screen captures of the post before the singer pulled it from his account. Photo: Instagram/Chris Brown

Since the Bloods (as rivals of the Crips) are known to replace the letter “C” at the beginning of words with the letter “B,” the post raised concern about Brown’s connection to the L.A. street gang.

The photo was deleted, but not before several people were able to grab screencaps of it.    

Following his release from jail, Brown reportedly told his friends that he planned to remove negative influences from his life. The singer doesn’t appear to be sticking to that plan, though. He was seen walking out of a BET Awards after-party drunk and even posted an IG picture that seemed to show smoke blowing out from an unknown source. 

Brown was also recently spotted in a club throwing up gang signs.

Adding to the current drama in his life, Brown and his sometime girlfriend Karrueche Tran have reportedly parted ways. The pair have deleted all photos of them together from both of their Instagram accounts. The split reportedly came after Brown posted an image of Tran on his IG account that showed the model in only skimpy underwear and her bra.