Chris Brown isn't even officially dating pop star and former abuse victim Rihanna yet, but is he already cheating?

That's what Miami gossip outlet Gossip Extra is saying, based on what a police source told them about testimony given by rapper Tyga, who was with Chris Brown outside of a South Beach club last week when the controversial pop star allegedly stole a fan's iPhone after telling her, B*tch, you not gonna put this up on no website.

Tyga reportedly told detectives, [Chris Brown]'s trying to get back with Rihanna, and he knows that wouldn't happen if the photos ended up online. Brown and Tyga were reportedly taking home two groupies, which wouldn't have gone over well with Rihanna.

A lesson Tyga apparently never learned.

Then again, given the rumors that Rihanna would have gotten back together with Chris Brown even sooner after he repeatedly punched her in the face in 2009 had the media and fan pressure not been so intense, he might have been more scared of the public forcing them apart than Rihanna actually standing up for herself and ditching him.

Brown was reportedly surrounded by fans when the pictures were taken, and sent one of his bodyguards to delete the pictures.

Erase the mother******* pictures, Brown said, according to Gossip Extra's law enforcement source. Those photos can't get out there.

Oddly enough, the photos were supposedly already erased by the time Chris Brown reached out of the window from his Bentley and yanked Christal Spann's iPhone before putting the window up and speeding off.

This is just one of many rumors about Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together, which come hot on the heels of both the three year anniversary of the assault after the 2009 Grammy's and their musical reconciliation. One source told Us Weekly that the two have been secretly together for more than a year, and that Rihanna has been the one pursuing Chris Brown.

The controversy has been fueling radio play and sales, but the game may come to an abrupt halt for Chris Brown if he's sent to prison over the Miami iPhone incident. He's been on probation since pleading guilty to his 2009 assault on Rihanna, and in early February a judge reaffirmed his sentence, denying his request to let him off for good behavior.

The robbery by sudden snatching, as the South Beach police are calling it, would be a violation of Brown's parole. With all the negative publicity he's been getting recently and the Los Angeles district attorney reportedly watching the case closely, it's a mistake that could sent Brown to prison, adding a dramatic twist to this slow motion train wreck.

Then again, Chris Brown being arrested could be the best thing to ever happen to Rihanna—at least then she might be spared another beating.

Brown, on the other hand, might not be so happy in jail. There's already a $1,000 reward out there for the first person to punch Chris Brown—who knows what might happen to him when he's separated from his bodyguards.