Rumors have been flying left and right around the possibility that Rihanna and Chris Brown have reconciled. But several things stand in the way: the fact that Brown physically abused Rihanna three years ago, the outrage of RiRi's friends and fans, the possibility that Breezy will be arrested for stealing a woman's iPhone in Miami.

And then there's Brown's current girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. Recently, Karrueche and Rihanna have been making headlines as they trade insults online.

On Tuesday, MediaTakeOut, which bills itself as the most visited urban gossip site in the world, reported that Karrueche had taken to Facebook to attack Rihanna, following RiRi's 'rice cake comment' on Twitter, and quoting a Nicki Minaj lyric. The quotation, I'm Angelina, you're Jen. C'mon you see where Brad is at, suggested that Brown had ditched Rihanna in favor of his new Vietnamese girlfriend.

This was all well and good for Rihanna's legions of gossip-hungry followers, until exposed MediaTakeOut's deceit, digging into the story to reveal that the Facebook post in question was in fact posted by one of Karrueche's fans, not by herself.

Globalgrind reveals that Karrueche did in fact throw shade at Rihanna, writing I win you loose!!! [sic] I meannnn I got him, you got pictures of hm. Buwhaha. exposed MediaTakeOut for using a falsified photo of Facebook to exaggerate the beef between Brown's current and ex-girlfriend.

320 fans and friends liked the comment, and a user called Jasmine then added the Nicki Minaj lyric in question, which received another 59 likes.

It appears that MediaTakeOut falsified the Facebook update to generate even more beef between Brown's two girls. 

Jasmine took to Facebook to clear up the issue and call out MediaTakeOut, writing, Oh my f-cking goodness. MTO used my comment on your status, and tried to put it in your mouth wth! They info is all f-cking wrong. Either that or someone is stalking your page...made a new page, posting that comment. That is ridiculous..... The part that gets me is people believe it...How do we know that's not a fake page by them.

Karrueche liked her friend's post. She then attempted to clean up the mess caused by MediaTakeOut, scrapping her Facebook account for a new one and posting a new status update to direct fans and friends to the new page.

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