Perhaps more famous (or may be infamous) for brutally beating up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, than for his songs, Chris Brown is about to make headlines again. This time, making a name for himself as a homophobic.

Earlier in December, Chris Brown has apologized for making homophobic tweets with Razb from the group B2K. Last month again, he had called a photographer 'gay' when he was shot getting a parking ticket.

A furious Chris Brown was seen again shouting anti-gay slurs during a pick-up basketball game on June 29. An unidentified source said, when the game did not go well, Chris said That's gay! and  you're a f*gg*t a**! to other players. The news, however, has been denied by Chris's representatives, calling it totally fictitious.

Whether the story is true or false, there is no turning back from the reputation of a violence-prone profile that Chris Brown has earned for himself.

Or is it that all the angry outbursts are just a vent to the piled-up emotional stress that Chris had been undergoing in the absence of Rihanna? There are rumors that the crossed lovers have been meeting in private, but keeping it low.

It is also possible that even if Rihanna wanted to go back to Chris, that would mean jeopardizing her career and name.