Chris Brown is being sued by a fan for negligence during the rapper’s performance in January, at a California nightclub.

The R&B singer and the Fiesta Nightclub are being sued by a fan, named Paul Briley. He got shot and injured at the singer’s show in San Jose, California early this year, E! News reported. Brown was apparently performing “Loyal” at the nightclub when the gunshots were fired. Briley claimed that the nightclub and the hitmaker “failed to provide adequate security” and “failed to implement security procedures.” Brown was reportedly unharmed on the shooting incident, but there were five people who got shot after Brown’s performance.

The defendant, who was among the victims, is reportedly seeking damages for all of his “physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering,” which he is still apparently battling with, after getting shot at the show.

Upon learning about the case filed, the 26-year-old-singer’s legal team referred to the lawsuit as “frivolous.” They also believe that the case will be eventually dismissed by a judge. Brown’s team are also reportedly planning to countersue Briley.

“It is a poor reflection of our society that violence is so prevalent and it is always a tragedy when someone is physically harmed.” a spokesperson for Brown said in a statement reported by Yahoo News. “However, this is a completely frivolous lawsuit. We expect that the case will be dismissed, and in future, to avoid these reoccurring meritless lawsuits directed at Chris Brown, we plan to seek damages from all parties and their lawyers.”

Aside from the lawsuit filed by Briley, Brown is also currently on a custody battle with Nia Guzman, over their 15-month-old-daughter, Royalty. Guzman recently cleared her name as there had been rumors spreading about her having a relationship with rapper, King Ba.

Guzman’s representative have denied any allegations against Royalty’s mother. The spokesperson also added that Guzman was not dating Ba for several months, and that she was apparently not even partaking in any crime with the rapper.  

Guzman’s team said that all Guzman wanted was to get a fair amount of financial support for Royalty from Brown. She also asked the media and the general public to refrain from making false accusations at her and their daughter, Royalty.