Nia Guzman, who shares daughter Royalty with recording artist Chris Brown, is taking a stand against the tabloid rumors. The 31-year-old has been making headlines for months because of her ties to the “Loyal” singer. Recent reports claimed she was seeking more money from Brown, 26, and denying having a previous relationship with a man by the name of King Ba, who is said to have been involved in a forgery scam. A rep for Guzman released an official statement on Monday in which they set the record straight about the accusations being made about her. 

According to a statement from her rep, Domenick Nati, all claims being made about Guzman in the press at this time “are completely false.” He maintained that she and King Ba, who she is said to have been dating around the time news broke that she and Brown had a child together, have not been romantically involved for quite some time now. Nati added that Guzman was in not involved in any form of criminal activity with Ba. In closing, the PR professional assured fans that his client is in no way hoping to garner any fame or extra money, beyond a reasonable amount for child support, from Brown. 

"The allegations that have been made against Nia Guzman are completely false. Nia has not been in a dating relationship with Ba for several months and she has no criminal record and has never took part in any criminal activity with Ba,” he said. “Also, Nia is not trying to obtain any fame or additional money from Chris Brown other than the child support that is expected for the raising of their child and she asks that the press and general pubic would stop hurling false accusations at her and her daughter.”

Although Nati did not address any rumors specifically, it appears his statement is a direct response to recent reports claiming Ba was involved in a major forgery scam. The young man, who reportedly has his name on 1-year-old Royalty’s birth certificate, is believed to have forged more than $5,000 in U.S. Treasury Checks. Images of Ba have been released by several local news stations in Texas in the hopes that someone will recognize him and lead authorities to his current location.

The statement also seemingly touches on on-going reports that Guzman is seeking higher child support payments from Brown. TMZ reported that he is currently paying her $2,500 a month, which she reportedly does not think is enough. Guzman was believed to be seeking a whopping $15,000 per month, but settled for $10,000. Unfortunately, it appears their rumored agreement was short-lived.