Chris Brown got a surprise visit from a fan Wednesday evening, and it involved nudity and dirty dishes. The “Loyal” singer returned home from Las Vegas to find a naked stranger inside his Agoura Hills, California, mansion, which he shares, at least some of the time, with his young daughter.

According to reports, a 21-year-old woman broke into the posh home northwest of Los Angeles while Brown was away on a birthday getaway, and authorities say she'd been there for a few days. The 26-year-old singer shared a photo of the fan, revealing that she “threw out” items of clothing belonging to his 10-month-old daughter, Royalty, and items used by his dog.

In addition, she'd spray-painted “I love you” and “Mrs. Brown” on multiple surfaces, including his kitchen counter, interior walls and the outside of two of his cars. Brown shared a photo of the woman, whom he called a “crazy individual,” on his Instagram page. He shared all the disturbing details, saying she'd entered the home by removing the hinges from his doors and “found time to cook several meals.”

“I love my fans, but this is some real real crazy s--t! I pray she will get help,” he added.

Upon discovering the intruder, Brown’s security team immediately notified police, who reacted quickly. Authorities on the scene believe she'd been inside the residence for a few days as there was food lying around and dishes piled in the sink. The young woman was arrested and is said to be facing felony burglary and felony vandalism charges.

Meanwhile the star is facing legal issues of his own – again. According to TMZ, Brown’s neighbors have filed multiple complaints with local police alleging that he and his friends are constantly racing through the affluent neighborhood and doing doughnuts in their cars. Authorities are said to be increasing their patrol in the area in the hopes of catching whomever is responsible.