The Twitterverse was abuzz Saturday after Louisville Cardinals guard Chris Jones had the flop of the year after he pretended to get hit in the jaw by Kentucky Wildcats center Dakari Johnson. No foul was called against the Kentucky player, and after the replay made it to Vine, it became clear why. Hundreds of people began to remark Jones was not actually touched in the altercation. The incident has become known as the “ghost elbow.”

A clip posted to Vine by user cjzero was viewed nearly 25,000 times in less than 30 minutes on the video social media site. Johnson’s elbow is nowhere near Jones’ face, yet the player grabs his jaw in apparent agony.

Since Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence was at the game, USA Today joked the “American Hustle” star might have given Jones some acting tips before the game. Complex quipped he might have attended “Shakespeare's Camp For Boys” when he was younger.

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence. Photo: Reuters

Former Kentucky player DeMarcus Cousins was just one of the people who went on Twitter after the infamous flop. “The fact he still acting like his jaw hurts!!” he tweeted. The message was shared and liked thousands of times.

Other netizens had similar reactions to Cousins’ remark. Some of their tweets have been posted below:

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