Chris Medina has become the most memorable face of the Milwaukee auditions for the tenth season of American Idol.

The Barista shared his story of how his fiancé, Juliana Ramos' suffered a brain damaging injury in 2009 just two months before the wedding. The couple have been together for eight years and he has stuck to his heartfelt vows of 'through sickness and in health' and is looking after her with her mother.

Before we go any further, let's be clear that Chris Medina can sing. His rendition of 'Breakeven' by The Script was good if not excellent. With the right vocal training and guidance, Chris has potential.

But American Idol producers could not let this great opportunity pass by. Chris had a good story to share and was bound to bring up the ratings. Now, the blogosphere and even a portion of the media is seething with accusations of exploitation and of transforming pity into profit. The pictures of Juliana before the injury showed a lively woman, while her present state is tragic.

The judges were very gracious and compassionate on meeting Juliana. There was no holding back of tears or high emotions, just a celebration of Chris' and his finance's spirit.