A white police officer who fatally shot a black college football player was hired by the Arlington Police Department on his third attempt, according to personnel records released by the department Friday, the Associated Press (AP) reported. The latest revelation in the shooting death of 19-year-old Christian Taylor comes two days after his autopsy report was released.

Brad Miller applied to the department in 2011 but was not hired before his application expired a year later, according to the records. The 48-year-old reapplied but failed his medical examination and was told his next application could not be accepted for another six months. Miller reportedly followed a fitness regime and applied six months later, when he was recruited as an officer.

Miller was fired by police chief Will Johnson four days after the former engaged in confrontation with Taylor that later led to the unarmed Angelo State football player’s death. Miller reportedly claimed that he shot Taylor on Aug. 7 after he disobeyed his instructions and advanced toward him inside a car showroom.

Taylor’s autopsy report released Wednesday reportedly stated that he is likely to have used a synthetic psychedelic drug and marijuana before the confrontation. Miller’s attorney, John Snider, said, according to the Guardian, that this evidence could lead the Arlington police chief to reconsider his decision to fire the officer. 

Police Sgt. Paul Rodriguez said Friday that internal and criminal investigations are still underway into the incident.

Early on Aug. 7, Miller and his supervising officer responded to the call of a suspected burglary at a car dealership. Miller reportedly pursued Taylor without informing his supervising officer and after a few minutes a confrontation occurred between the officer and Taylor. The autopsy also revealed that Taylor was shot four times, in the neck, torso and abdomen.