Christina Aguilera opens up about motherhood and how she’s coping with being a Hollywood mom.

The 34-year-old singer and mother of two is currently enjoying a short break as she cares for her 15-month-old daughter Summer Rain and 7-year-old son Max. While attending a recent private event for HopeLine Verizon, Aguilera told People magazine that she enjoyed her short hiatus and is ready to return to the limelight soon. She even mentioned a few insights that she learned from the hardships she encountered growing up. 

Aguilera shared that she wants to raise her children to be responsible and socially aware individuals. She also admitted to People that she doesn’t like arguments or “little spats” to happen in front of her kids. “We should always be the example of peace and tranquility and safety,” she explained. “Which I didn’t have growing up as a child, so that’s first and foremost.”

“I’ve learned from all of that and I’m going to encourage my daughter and my son…” she added. “To be financially responsible for themselves, to be hard workers.”

She also explained to Today during the HopeLine Verizon event that the domestic violence she experienced during her childhood has helped her to push forward with her life. “I got my strength from the darker times in my life,” she said. 

It was an experience she definitely doesn’t want her two children to encounter. Aguilera revealed that she made a promise to herself that her kids “wouldn’t have to suffer at the hands of abuse." The Grammy Award winner stated during her Today interview that providing a safe and loving environment for her children was very important to her. She continued, “I want to give my children the gift of loving music without having to use it as an escape, like I had to."

Aguilera is set to return to reprise her role as a coach in season 10 of “The Voice.”