Preparing a Christmas party for the kids? Just looking for some fun games for the family? Here are five of the best games we found on the web, and all of them are easy to set up.

Christmas Charades: Here’s a fun and simple game for the family. Separate the crew into two teams and, as in regular charades, pick someone from each group to go first to gesture their term. Print out this list and have your team pick a term at random. No speaking or signing letters is allowed, and each time a team guesses the correct Christmas word, they get a point. The team reaching 15 points first wins.


Mad Libs, Christmas Style: Print out this form, one for each participant. Each person should fill out the form and then put it in the middle of the table or floor. Shuffle up the papers and pass them out at random. Each person reads the form they’ve been given, fills it out, and whoever gets the loudest laughs wins the game. A prize for the winner (preferably something sweet!) is always a good idea to keep it fun.

Christmas Yarn Maze: This is a great icebreaker for a kids' party. Purchase a ball of yarn for each child expected. Unwind the yarn completely, unraveling it around furniture, under tables and so on. On one end should be a piece of candy, and on the other end, a pencil. Each child will have to wind the string around their pencil until it leads them to their piece of candy. Make sure the strings gets all wrapped up, crisscrossing throughout the room.

What’s in That Stocking? Fill up a stocking with mysterious items: candy, toys, crayons, chalk, stuffed animals, etc. Pass the stocking around the circle, and let each child guess what they think is inside. They can shake it, smell it and try to feel it, but no looking inside! Whoever guesses right gets to keep the goods.

Count the Ornaments: This is a simple one, with minimal preparation necessary. Presumably you already have a decorated Christmas tree. Before your guests arrive, count the ornaments on it. Have your guests guess the number, and whoever gets closest wins a prize.