Articles by Michael Kaplan

Michael Kaplan covers breaking news for the International Business Times, with a special focus on the Middle East. He previously worked as a freelance journalist covering religion, politics and human rights in Turkey, and has also spent time in Morocco, the Palestinian West Bank, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan. His work has been published in Al Jazeera English, IRIN News, Religion News Service, the Forward and more. 


A Look Back At Past ‘Nerd Proms’

IBT has collected some of the best quotes and harshest roasts from the White House Correspondents’ Association dinners since President Barack Obama took office.

Former SS Guard Breaks Silence At Trial

Reinhold Hanning, 94, told a courtroom in western Germany that he had never spoken about his time as a Nazi guard in Auschwitz — not even with his family.

Cruz Names Fiorina As His VP

Some believe selecting the former Hewlett-Packard CEO, once a popular presidential candidate, could help Cruz with women voters.

Latest Tally Of The Delegate Count

Trump and Clinton are both closer to their parties' nominations after five primary contests Tuesday, while Sanders faces a very uphill climb.


US Congress

Congress Moves To Reclaim Its War Powers

The Biden administration has called for more congressional oversight of military actions, saying the powers granted in 2001 and 2002 were too broad and invite abuse by power-hungry presidents.