Fantasy writer Christopher Paolini has something cool to brag about: his novel Inheritance topped Steve Jobs' biography on Amazon's bestseller list.

Paolini's book sold a staggering 489,500 copies in print, digital, and audio formats, according to a Random House press release.

Inheritance is the fourth and final book in Paolini's Inheritance Cycle series.

It has lots of adventures and excitement but it's also touching and there are trying moments for the characters and some of the characters die, Paolini told The Bookseller. It's big, it's exciting, but it's intense and there's a certain bitter-sweet quality to parts of the end.

Fans tweeted their enthusiasm for the series' conclusion.

I forgot how much I loved this series. Finally got to see Galbatorix for the first time, one person tweeted, referring to the series' antagonist.

Another person tweeted that he had just finished reading the book, tweeting Bloody good book.