Before Friday, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson had been pictured with Ciara’s son more often than the child's biological father, Future, was. The rapper expressed his dissatisfaction with singer Ciara for bringing their son, whom she nicknamed “Juicy Man,” to Wilson’s training camps, but she didn’t heed his warnings. Fans were surprised when Future posted a pic of one of his other sons, from a previous relationship, to his Instagram account.

“Takin my son a bath then off to the stuuuudio ...” he captioned the post, which was liked nearly 30,000 times by some of his 2.3 million followers in the first hour it was up. The picture also received hundreds of comments from fans who talked about whether it was OK to post a bathroom shot of the child. Others discussed Ciara’s relationship with Wilson and what she said in her most recent interview.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 12 Ciara's 2-year-old son, Future Zahir, aka "Juicy Man, in the bathtub Friday. Photo: Instagram/Future

Ciara, 29, told "CBS This Morning" Wednesday she doesn’t care what “haters” say about her bringing her son, Future Zahir, around Wilson, 26. She also said ex-boyfriend Future has a double standard since he used to let her take care of the three children he has with other women.

"I was involved very early in the stage of us getting to know each other and that's been a big conversation," she said about meeting Future’s older children early in their relationship. "It's kind of like, 'What's the difference here?' I think that even for the men that were outspoken ... wouldn't you want someone to love on your child or love on the child you're speaking about? More than anything, it is a child we're talking about, and that's the thing that I think people have to think about. It's like, remove the adults from the situation. Really, this is my child here, and that's serious."

Letting her son around Wilson isn’t the only flak Ciara has received. The “I Bet” singer also has been criticized for remaining celibate with the star quarterback.

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