Cleveland's throwing a party Wednesday some 52 years in the making. The long-tortured town is finally throwing a parade for the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers after the city went more than five decades without a professional sports title. 

Fans are ready. Hours before the scheduled 11 a.m. EDT start time, Cavs supporters were lining up along the parade route, getting the festivities started. For the Cleveland fans unable to make it to the celebration, you can follow along with a live stream from local station WKYC here. The live stream feed is embedded at the bottom of this page. is also planning a live feed with commentary that is scheduled to begin as the parade gets under way. If you're planning to follow along on social media, #cavsparade appears to have become the hashtag of choice.

The Cavs earned the title after coming back from a 3 game to 1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors — the first team to do so in the NBA finals. Game 7 took place Sunday and, led by James and point guard Kyrie Irving, Cleveland earned its first title since the Browns won an NFL championship in 1964. 

Perhaps no U.S. sports town has had misfortune comparable to Cleveland's. Decades of bad breaks, close calls and stunning incompetence even spawned the phrase that, when it comes to sports, "God Hates Cleveland." 

On Thursday, Cleveland gets to celebrate being the big winner. The parade route runs along East 6th Street in town, winds down Huron Road and Prospect Avenue before arriving to its main route along East 9th. It's set to conclude on St. Clair Avenue between Malls A and B. The festivities will be capped with an event to celebrate the team. The party might keep going all night for some diehards, however, and it's a pretty safe bet the memory will linger for fans for years to come.