Professor Peter Coaldrake, together with his fellow vice-chancellors, has fully supported the plan to engage the public in a forum, provided that the Universities Australia's ability to take on with resource issues effectively is not lost.

Tomorrow at a forum hosted by UA in Parliament House Canberra, senior scientist Blair Terwin from the Bureau of Meteorology will defend its century-long climate-science record.

The bureau has released this week a snapshot that describes Australia's climate as extremely hot, fewer cold ones, drier in the south and wetter in the north.

The Queensland political scientists thought that these forums might be risky.

If it's a risk, it's worth taking if we are only interested in standing up for science and research and encourage the next generations to take scientific careers.

Vice chancellors recognized that they have to engage the community and meet the challenge of communicating scientific ideas to them.

Tomorrow's UA forum would make the community aware about the rate of Himalayan Glacial melt and other errors in climate change that needs utmost concerns.

The forum will tackle both the uncertainties and certainties of climate change including projections, snapshots and forecasts that enjoy a range of confidence.