A Chrysler Super Bowl advertisment narrated by Clint Eastwood has drawn plaudits for its powerful message of unity, but the spot edited out pro-union signs during a scene from last year's divisive protests in Wisconsin.

The ad, entitled Halftime in America, displays scenes of urban decay and images of workers before pointing to Detroit's resilience as an example of America's ability to rise above adversity. Eastwood speaks of America's economic woes and an attendant fog of division, discord and blame before noting how the country had always ralled around what was right and acted as one.

While Eastwood is describing how the country has become polarized an image of a protest flashes on screen. The Nation magazine notes that it is a clip from a documentary that followed massive protests that roiled the Statehouse in Madison after Wisocnsin Gov. Scott Walker pushed bills that sharply curtailed union powers and benefits.

But the message of union solidarity has vanished from the Super Bowl spot -- a sign that originally read Care About Educators Like They Care for Your Child is swapped with an image of an alarm clock, while other signs remain blank.