Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet with members of the Libyan opposition in Paris on Monday as she takes part in a broader Europe and Northern Africa Trip where she will also visit Egypt and Tunisia.

Clinton's trip four day trip comes as France pushes to adopt a U.N. resolution imposing a no-fly zone over Libya.

Clinton will depart to Egypt on Tuesday where she will meet with government officials and civil society members in the wake of often bloody unrest which has swept the Middle East.

Protests in Egypt and Tunisia have resulted in their respective leaders' stepping down from leadership positions amid fervent protests and bloody clashes.

Similar uprisings in Libya have been met with strong government opposition, resulting in concerns that the conflict will evolve into a civil war.

Details on Clinton's meeting with opposition members in Paris were still being determined when she arrived as part of a meeting with European counterparts who are part of the Group of 8, according to the Associated Press.