An Albanian artist has landed himself in the Guinness World Records again thanks to a mosaic he made out of one million coffee beans.

Artist Saimir Strati used 309 pounds of coffee beans to create a mosaic -- now recognized as the largest coffee bean mosaic in the world -- that features five people from around the globe: an African drummer, a Brazilian dancer, a European accordion player, a Japanese drummer, and a U.S. country singer, Reuters reported.

I wanted to give the message that sharing love over a cup of coffee brings us closer, a cup of coffee brings us more love than a G20 meeting, he told Reuters.

This marks Strati's sixth time in the Guinness World Records. A previous entry was made entirely of 229,764 corks and depicted the Mediterranean region.

I also wanted to appeal to Mediterranean countries not to create mosaics based on computer pixels, but as our forefathers did, he said of that work of art in 2008. The Mediterranean is the home of the mosaic. 

Here are photos of Strati's stunning coffee bean mosaic.