Countless rumors on iPhone 5 are circulating around the world, including those about its features and release date. But leave aside iPhone 5 for as moment and imagine that Apple's going to release iPhone 6 - what features do you think it will boast of? Difficult to imagine? Not for MrFreeSpot, who has hit upon a novel interpretation of the word application.

In a video posted in YouTube (and which, not surprisingly, has gone viral), MrFreeSpot hopes iPhone 6 will not only be a collapsible device but also will boast of unique applications. And, by applications, it doesn't just mean having a camera or being able to play video. It means - hold your breath - making coffee for you (Coffee Application), doing a few 'magic' tricks (Copperfield Application) and teleporting the user to wherever he/she wants (Teleporter Application).

In the video, the user of 'iPhone 6' can be seen pouring a cup of coffee from the iPhone when he uses the Coffee Application. Make mine extra bold, please, without milk.

The user also chooses Copperfield Application when he's bored (or hungry) to whip up a delicious doughnut out of thin air. How about a succulent steak? Can iPhone 6 whip that up? It would definitely put David Copperfield out of business.

However, the most stunning application iPhone 6 will boast of is 'Teleporter Application.' In the video, the user is 'teleported' to Hawaii, Kansas and a live rock show as he pleases. Guess going to the next Justin Beiber concert won't be such a problem. A good application to escape from tight spots too, I guess. It's sure to make Apple fans go crazy.

 And, in case, you're wondering about the size or weight of iPhone 6, wonder no more. iPhone 6 is 'collapsible' device or so MrFreeSpot would want us to believe. You can apparently fold it into a small piece (just like folding a paper).

Will iPhone 6 will have these applications? A slew of comments throws some light:

mrakmal911: imaginary iphone!!! hahaha <:'D

bbunch56 : OMG this is so real. I'm totally gonna buy this phone!!!

MrFlowTV : omg i can't wait go at hawai

sedonax20 : are you kidding me

anonnessify : i like the copperfield app because i can eat as much donut i want

Sofa3301 : What is real?

Watch the video below and enjoy.

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