As the most valuable technology company in the world, Apple really has a powerful influence. Any product from Apple stable sells like hot cakes, such as iPad, iPod, iPhone and MacBook Air. Apple is also known for implementing cutting-edge design on its lifestyle products and envied by others for the same reason.

No wonder, there's so many knock-offs of Apple products that are being sold worldwide, especially in China. The Mirror MacBook Air is one such product.

Mirror MacBook Air is a small compact mirror in the exact likeness of a MacBook Air but much smaller in size than the popular laptop. As the mirror has been designed to look like a mini-MacBook Air, the mirror is selling like hot cakes, even it isn't an Apple product.

This special mirror isn't made in the U.S. So if the mirror has caught your eye and you desperately want it because the MacBook Air's too expensive for you (but you still want to be seen with a MacBook Air), you're in luck - you can order the mirror from the Chinese suppliers on Alibaba (price ranges from $0.5 to $5).

But there's a small condition - you need to order in bulk and minimum quantity is 2,000 units, according to CNet . Guess that makes Mirror MacBook Air more expensive than the real MacBook Air but think about it - it would make a cute Holiday gift for corporate to give to female employees or anyone who spends a lot of time preening before a mirror. And yes, you can also put your company's logo or your name on it.

The Mirror MacBook Air is not selling on eBay because Apple wouldn't allow a knock-off of any of its products to be sold or even names of its products to be used by a 3rd party without license or permission. Also Apple could vigorously pursue legal action against any consumer seen using a knock-off of any Apple product.

However, if you're still interested in getting one (and give a heck about getting an infringement notice from Apple's lawyers), you can order it here.

Meanwhile, check out the video below to find out how cute the Mirror MacBook Air is. Enjoy.

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