When YouTuber Colleen Ballinger uploads videos to YouTube, it’s usually a challenge video or a video featuring her popular character, Miranda Sings. But Ballinger’s latest video, uploaded on Saturday, wasn’t for comedic purposes.

In the video, simply titled “Life update,” Ballinger, 29, revealed that her and fellow YouTuber husband Josh Evans, 31, are getting a divorce. “I want to start off by saying Joshua is a wonderful man, and I am so in love with him. This has nothing to do with ‘He’s a bad person’ or ‘He did something horrible to me’ or anything like that. He’s a good person and I love him,” Ballinger said, trying to hold back the tears.

While Ballinger didn’t explicitly reveal a reason for the divorce, Evans made his own video, and revealed that he did not want to end their marriage. “I want it to be known that I am not choosing this divorce. I don’t want this divorce.” Evans went on to say that he still wants to be with Ballinger, but according to her, she believes she has made the right decision. Evans also denied infidelity, saying he was “faithful the entire time.”

“I want her, but I truly believe she thinks she is making the right decision right now,” Evans said in his video titled “Heartbroken.” “I was faithful the entire time. It’s nothing like that at all, in any way. I would never, ever break that trust with her — so that's not anything like that.”

Similar to Ballinger, Evans also announced that he will be taking a social media hiatus, stepping away from YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. “I can’t just keep making videos right now. It would all be fake. It would all be a show… I’m going to take a break for I don’t even know how long,” said Evans.

Ballinger and Evans met in 2009 after Evans discovered her videos and reached out to her on Facebook. The couple wed in July 2015. “We’ve been together so long that it doesn’t feel different,” Evans said during a July 2015 Q&A with fans. “We’re just excited that we can call each other husband and wife.”

In a 2013 video, the couple revealed they had broken up for “a little bit” but got back together. “It was good for us. It might not be good for you,” said Evans.