Mitch Gilbert, from Colorado, hit the jackpot this month before boarding a flight in Las Vegas: he found $10,000 in two unmarked Caesar's Palace envelopes.

But he didn't keep it.

Gilbert returned the money to its owner, Ignacio Marquez, in El Paso, Texas, because he wanted to show his children that it was the right thing to do.

According to, Gilbert called the airport in Las Vegas but they wouldn't take his name down.

They didn't do that. It was against the rules, Gilbert told I just said, 'Well, I'll keep calling back and I'll give it 30 days.'

And Gilbert kept calling because he said if that happened to him, I sure would want that back.

Approximately two weeks later an operator told him that a man in El Paso reports losing the two envelopes filled with cash.

She goes, 'Well, this is breaking the rules, but you're trying to do the right thing,' Gilbert said.

Gilbert said he deposited the money in the man's bank account two days before Christmas.

Marquez told the television station that he won the money gambling and somehow dropped it while running to catch a flight.

Relief is an understatement. Cash money is very difficult to get back. I'm very appreciative to Mitch and his family. You do not find people like this, Marquez told

I will always thank Mitch for doing this. That could have easily just gone south, instead of what happened.

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