The man who killed 12 people in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater in 2012 was sentenced to life in prison without parole Wednesday. Holmes also wounded 70 others during the attack.

The judge presiding over the case expressed his shock over Holmes' actions. "It is almost impossible to comprehend how a human being is capable of such acts," said Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr., according to the Associated Press. Earlier this month, a jury hung on whether or not to give Holmes the death penalty.

Holmes was also sentenced to over 3,200 years -- for 140 counts of attempted murder -- in addition to his conviction for use of explosives. 

Prior to the sentencing, victims gave testimony for two days about how the shootings had changed their lives. Holmes' mother spoke saying her son felt remorse but that his mental illness made it difficult for him to show this.

"We cannot feel the depths of your pain. We can only listen to everything you have expressed, and we pray for you... We are very sorry this tragedy happened, and sorry everyone has suffered so much," Arlene Holmes said.