A Colorado police dispatcher reportedly listened over the phone as a man killed at least one other person before taking his own life. According to a CNN breaking news report, which cites a sheriff’s office spokesman, the murder-suicide left a total of four people dead.

Weld County Sheriff's spokesman Tim Schwartz told the newswire that a call came in around 4 a.m. (6 a.m. ET). In the call, a woman gives an address in Longmont, then says "no, no, no," followed by what sounded like a series of gunshots.

Following the gunshots, a man reportedly picked up the phone and told the dispatcher that was going to kill himself, Schwartz told CNN.

The next thing the dispatcher heard, Schwartz said, was another gunshot.

Weld County officers who responded to the scene called in a SWAT team, who entered the house and found four people dead.

Reports indicate that while investigators had not identified the dead, two of the people involved were men and the other two were women. All were believed to be adults.

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