According to the journal Science, a total of 11 specimens of colored feathers of dinosaur dating back to late Cretaceous were found in ambers in Canada and the colors divide gradually from black to brown.

These specimens were found in research led by paleontologist Ryan McKellar who took 11 specimens from 4000 specimens which were preserved in Royal Tyrell Museum in southern Alberta.

These feathers are so unique because they are all perfectly preserved. It is said that no any other three-dimensional colored feathers of dinosaur were found before. Though some fossil feathers of dinosaur were found in China, yet the colors of those feathers found in China couldn't be seen.

This discovery may shed light on the evolution of dinosaurs and birds. Dinosaur fossils were discovered in early 19th century for the first time and research on them has been growing since then.

In 1861, a typical example of dinosaur covered with feathers namely archaeopteryx were found and the initial specimen was found in southern Germany, inlaid in Solnhofen limestone.

More and more feathered dinosaurs were found since 1990s and this kind of discovery supports theories that claim dinosaurs have close relationship with modern birds.

Expert claim that what is preserved in these ambers contains no gene materials so the dinosaurs in the film Jurassic Park will continue to remain fictional.