Comedy Central is dipping into the roster of comics featured on the annual Comedy Central Roast to develop television shows of their own. Anthony Jeselnik and Amy Schumer have gained notoriety over the past few years for their sharp barbs directed at Charlie Sheen and, in Jeselnik's case, Donald Trump.

Jeselnik is the better known of the two. His popularity soared after he replaced the late Greg Giraldo for the Donald Trump roast in 2010. He released that same year his first album of stand-up, titled Shakespeare, on which he pointed out why he deserves a better girlfriend and how the Haitian earthquake was God's fault. He recently tweeted, Sandusky guilty on 45 counts of livin' the dream.

Schumer's persona is similar to that of Jeselnik's. Along with the Charlie Sheen roast, she's cut her teeth by touring the country opening for comics like Dave Attell, Jim Norton and Louis C.K. In fact, Schumer and Jeselnik dated for two years before their relationship ended in 2011.

Comedy Central has been criticized in the past for not recognizing the impact their shows have until cancelling them. The Sarah Silverman Program and Reno 911! are two shows in particular whose mishandling drew the ire of fans.

Based on early reports, though, the channel seems determined to avoid making similar mistakes by tailoring these shows to each comic's personality. Schumer has a persona very similar to Silverman's; many of her one-liners are delivered with a similar type of aloof arrogance. According to Comedy Central, her show will be a sketch series that will feature single-camera vignettes centered around a theme with Schumer playing heightened versions of herself. The vignettes will be linked together with stand-up footage.

Laughspin is reporting Jeselnik's pilot has already been picked up. The show will be like a very dark late night talk show in that I'll do a monologue and present short comedy pieces reflecting my take on the news of the week, Jeselnik said. But I won't ever have a guest, because people and fake enthusiasm do not interest me.

Meanwhile, Jeselnik will film his special Caligula for Comedy Central soon and both are expected to participate in next month's roast of Roseanne Barr.