Conan O'Brien popped into his old stomping grounds, Jimmy Fallon's Late Night studio, on Wednesday night, and he wasn't just there to say hello.

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Turns out Jimmy was in possession of something near and dear to Conan's heart, and after a quick shout out to the new Late Night band (Hey Max … hair looks amazing, man, he joked to Questlove), Conan reached into Fallon's couch cushions and pulled out …

See for yourself in the video clip of O'Brien's appearance:

OK, so the bit didn't really make sense ... Conan had already left his New York studio for Los Angeles when he began The Tonight Show, and Triumph made appearances with O'Brien on Tonight.

But still, it's nice to see Coco reunited with his crabby pal, even though that 2010 exit agreement with NBC prevents O'Brien from using his old Late Show characters on his TBS series.

Does his Fallon appearance mean O'Brien's going to find a way around the settlement agreement with NBC and bring Triumph to his new show?