Perhaps Apple is getting a tad bit too self righteous and arrogant for its own good; at least one late night comedian seems to think so.

After announcing the iPad 2, Apple put a video on its website talking about all the great things the new device can do. This came after the company had showed a video detailing all the great things the original iPad had done for users.

All this bragging got the attention of Conan O'Brien. The late night comedian, who has a show on TBS, decided to make a parody video with fake Apple employees saying how little they did to improve the original, but saying how people will buy it anyway.

Apple is the culmination of literally, two to three meetings. It's incredible how little we did. We knew that if we changed the color, put pictures of water droplets on the desktop, made it a little faster, added two holes with cheap cameras in them, then just kind of flattened it a bit, people would just go nuts, an Apple employee named Lars Verden says in the video.

Another employee Graham Davies, says, Many customers will say, 'What about me? I bought the old iPad.' To which I say, f*ck off.

The tag then says, Apple iPad 2: You'll buy it no matter what we say.

Check the video below.


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