“The Conjuring” is already being touted as one of the scariest movies of 2013, even before fall hits, when most horror flicks premiere in theaters. The film creeps out moviegoers with traditional scare tactics like suspense and surprise and is based on an apparent haunting that happened in a century-old house that was once the site of a gruesome murder.

It’s 2013’s “Amityville Horror,” and the 1971 Long Island haunting was even referenced toward the end of the film. Most everyone who is willing to pay to get the scream scared out of them wants to see “The Conjuring,” but with plenty of naysayers flocking to social media like Twitter and Facebook, some aren’t sure if it’s worth the cash.

Here’s a few ways to tell if you will find the "The Conjuring" blood-curdling: 

Do you believe in ghosts, haunted houses or psychics?

It’s evident from the trailer that “The Conjuring” centers around a haunted house in Rhode Island, but it’s not clear how many ghosts actually appear and that one of the paranormal investigators is a psychic. It will be hard for a skeptic to find the movie believable if demonic spirits and clairvoyants make your eyes roll.

Ignore the apparently sexist undertones in the film:

The "big, strong man saves the weak, feeble woman" stereotype is followed in the owners of the haunted house and the paranormal investigators who are sanctioned to save the day. It is outdated and played out and might distract some men and women. 

Leave your ego at the door. You have to want to be frightened:

This goes for any horror film. If you go in with the attitude that the movie isn’t living up to the hype, it will never live up to any expectations, especially if you’re the type of person who “never gets scared” at the theater. It’s obvious when the movie is getting ready to show you something terrifying: the character’s eyes widen, the music builds up and before you know it-- bam! If you allow yourself to become enthralled in the movie there are definitely a few parts that will have even the “never get scared” crew jump back in their seats.

If you find any of these things terrifying, can ignore the arguable sexism and are willing to leave your unshakeable ego at the door, “The Conjuring” is definitely worth a trip to the theater. Watch out for the maid -- the creepiest part of the whole movie.