Perhaps trying to get ahead of the competition, a junk hunting duo in Milford, Connecticut found a little more than they bargained for this Halloween.

David Odice and Charlie Inzucchi recovered what they thought were plastic skulls from a deceased man’s home on Thursday. But today learned that they were in fact, real human remains, as Reuters reported.

Local authorities got involved after Odice and Inzucchi dropped the skulls off at a nearby recycling center, where a worker took notice. The state Medical Examiner’s Office later confirmed that the skulls once belonged to one man and one woman, and police are investigating any possible criminal activity.

“Being Halloween makes this real creepy and spooky, especially considering what else we found in the house,” Odice, 43, told Reuters.

The two men, of The Junkluggers Junk Removal Co., also found a host of occult-related things in the house, including crystals, amulets, magazines and “all kinds of new age and metaphysical stuff.”