American actor Harry Connick Jr got extremely angry when a group of contestants in the popular show Hey Hey It's Saturday! were imitating the Jackson Five and showed up with their faces painted in black.

Connick Jr. agreed to be a judge in the reunion of the popular TV show. But he looked very uncomfortable during the performance of the contestants Jackson Jive who showed up in black face and a Michael Jackson impersonator that showed on white face.

Connick Jr. gave them a zero and reportedly walked out of the set in a commercial break, according to NBC's Today Show.

If I knew that's going to be part of this show, I definitely wouldn't have done it, Connick Jr. who was born in New Orleans, told the show's host who gave him an apology.

However, the buzz over this incident worsened after a video in response showed that in the past Connick Jr. imitated a southern black minister in a skit for Fox Mad TV.

This triggered many to call him a hypocrite, the Today Show reports.

Watch the Jackson Jive on Hey Hey It's Saturday! and the reaction from Connick Jr.: