Convictions remain very strong with pressure building, as fourteen Wisconsin Democratic lawmakers said Friday they are not threatened by possible arrest and the chance that 1,500 people could lose their jobs if they don't return to work.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach of Wisconsin, who along with colleagues is standing against weakening unions, said Thursday his focus is on protecting the state's middle class.

All fourteen of us remain in Illinois, very strong in our convictions, he said.

He alluded to efforts to protect the state's public employee unions. Lawmakers in the Senate opposing the fourteen have strong support to reduce the ability of public unions to bargain on health and retirement care.

Meanwhile fellow senators have declared the missing to be in contempt, ordering their arrest on sight to compel them to return.

Erpenbach said issuing the arrest warrants isn't going to solve the problem.

On another front, Gov. Scott Walker is urging the missing senators to not block the process and return to avoid the layoff notices he has promised to send if they do not.