Labor unions are protesting in Wisconsin in February 2011 over Governor Scott Walker controversial budget proposal that would cut their pay and diminish certain labor union powers.

Several Democrat lawmakers in the state have also boycotted the voting of the proposal by leaving Wisconsin.

Wisconsin, like many other US states, is trying to cut government spending in order to reduce its budget deficit.

Police Remove Some Demonstrators from Wisconsin Capitol Building

Police physically removed more than a dozen demonstrators at an entrance to the Assembly chamber in the Wisconsin capitol building on Thursday ahead of vote in that chamber of a bill that would remove collective bargaining rights from public state employee unions.

Wisconsin governor prepares layoffs amid standoff

A frustrated Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was poised on Friday to issue layoff notices to 1,500 state workers, blaming the move on a two-week standoff over his bill to curb union collective bargaining rights.

Ohio Faster Than Wisconsin On Weakening Public Unions

Ohio is moving faster than Wisconsin to weaken public unions. Ohio's Senate voted on Wednesday to prohibit public employees from striking and to restrict certain collective bargaining rights, including negotiations on pensions and health care.

Wisconsin union charges governor with unfair labor practices

The Wisconsin State Employees Union (WSEU) accused new Republican Gov. Scott Walker of unfair labor practices for refusing to bargain in a complaint filed Monday with a state employment commission. The legal challenge comes amid a standoff between Walker and state legislative Democrats over a proposal to limit bargaining rights

Compromise Elusive as Wisconsin Lawmakers Push Ahead on Controversial Bill

The Wisconsin Senate still can't do business due to missing members but the other half of the state's legislature, the Assembly, on Friday passed a bill that will partially take away collective bargaining power for state employees, part of a broader bill with various measures which Gov. Scott Walker says are meant to repair the state's budget.

Indiana Dems take Wisconsin Lead, Flee the State: Report

Indiana Democrats are imitating their Wisconsin peers and have reportedly refused to show up for a vote. Members of the state of Indiana's House of Representatives are headed to neighboring Illinois to avoid a vote anti-union legislation, according to a report.
In a screen grab from video provided on the Wisconsin Education Association Council’s website, protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, rally on February 17, 2011 against a bill that would eliminate some collective bargaining abilities for state workers.

Washington steps into Wisconsin Budget Drama

It's the local battle with national implications, as Washington, in the midst of its own budget battle, has weighed in on the situation in Wisconsin that is drawing thousands of upset state workers to rally in the state's capital - many teachers included - over a proposal to eliminate some collective bargaining rights as part of the bid by the Governor to balance the state's budget immediately and make it easier to do so going forward.
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Thousands of Wisconsin union workers protest budget plan

More than 10,000 union public employees and supporters packed the Capitol Square and the inside of the statehouse on Tuesday to protest Gov. Scott Walker's budget plan to strip many bargaining rights from state and local government workers. Republicans legislators hope to get the bill, announced by the new Republican governor last Friday, to Walker's