Dr. Sanford Siegal's Cookie Diet consisting of allowing patients to eat cookies to kill hunger, has gained extreme popularity in the United States including among celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Denise Richards.

People Magazine once featured on its cover the story of Josie Raper who went from size 24 frame to a size 6 in six months with the cookie diet.

Dr. Siegal's Cookie diet consists of eating six special cookies to control hunger during the day and a reasonable dinner in the evening, according to the diet's website. Patients must consume 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day and lose an average of ten pounds per month.

The cookies recipe created by Dr. Siegal is described as a hunger-controlling amino acid protein blend, and is made of milk, eggs, soy, wheat and non-vegetable proteins. The cookies are shipped in packages and come in flavors such as oatmeal raisin, chocolate, blueberry, banana and coconut. 

The box of 1-week cookies cost is $59 plus shipping. For more information visit Cookiediet.com.