Pandora Radio lets you create a station from the current song or artist, tap the album art to get more information, email the station to a friend, bookmark songs and artists, buy tracks from iTunes and get a nice view in the landscape mode by rotating your iPhone.

Pandora radio is a great website where you can create your very own internet radio station! Log onto the site and get started. You type your favorite songs and artists into your radio station. Pandora will then search its databanks and start playing other songs which are similar to the ones you typed in.

You can choose whether or not you like the new songs, and Pandora will use your new choices to narrow down the search even more! This is a great way to sample new music and broaden your tastes.
You can make several different stations, too - you can have one to listen to while you are working and another for when you want to party!

Pandora allows to do more of what we've been doing and to bring even more resources to bear on our mission of enabling people to enjoy music they know and discover music they love... and to help musicians find their audiences and build careers. Music is continuing to go through a major transformation - and no more so than in radio as it shifts from a broadcast world to unicast, personalized radio. Pandora has a rare opportunity in front of us to influence the way people connect with music and to create a healthy music industry - one that is more inclusive of working artists and more expansive in the listening audience it serves. It's an ambitious goal, but we think it's an important one, and an achievable one.

Truly, credit goes to great advertisers and forward-thinking agencies who have recognized Pandora's potential and embraced the platform in these early days; an amazing group of business partners - from car companies to consumer electronics to smartphone manufacturers for building so many great devices to deliver Pandora anytime/anywhere (and to the amazing networks that make that possible); labels and artists who continue to send us fantastic records everyday across hundreds of genres; and of course to the listeners who have been the lifeblood of Pandora, spreading the word about our service to friends and providing a nonstop stream of invaluable feedback.

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