A police officer was wounded and an armed suspect killed in a shootout that took place in a Harlem subway station Tuesday evening, reports the New York Times.

Michael McBride, 52, was wanted by police after he shot his ex-girlfriend's daughter in the head Monday. McBride, sensing he was being followed by police, ducked into a subway station to get away. Police detective Kevin Herlihy pursued him into the station where McBride shot the officer in the bicep. Herlihy fired back, hitting McBride with a fatal shot to the chest.

Herlihy was taken to nearby Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where he was listed in a stable condition Tuesday night.

McBride had been hunted by the police since he shot his ex-girlfriend's daughter, 25-year-old Shante Plowden, in the head at an apartment in Queens on Monday. Plowden remains in critical condition at Jamaica Hospital Tuesday night.

The suspect had a previous record, including multiple arrests for robbery, burglary and drug crime dating back to 1980.