Police Officer Andy San Dimas, who donned a unicorn mask while standing next to a porn star, is under investigation by Pittsburgh Police.

The strange photo of an unidentified police sergeant wearing a giant unicorn mask was posted on Twitter earlier this month. The incident took place at a Pittsburgh Pirates game after Dimas was kicked out of the stadium for dancing in the aisle while wearing the mask and refusing to sit down, WPXI reports.

Pittsburgh Police say the officer is being investigated and may be disciplined. Acting Pittsburgh Police Chief Regina McDonald said in a statement, “We are aware of the photos on the Internet [Facebook] and are currently investigating the incident. At this time we have not identified the individual or the circumstances surrounding this photo.”

The picture "is not the example we're looking for," added Michael Huss, the city's public safety director.

Dimas and her friend reportedly took the photo and shared it online. According to someone who witnessed the event, Dimas was provocatively dancing during the July 13 game. When she refused to stop, security escorted her out.

"OH I'M SORRY I WAS TRYING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AT THE FUCKING PIRATES GAME," Dimas allegedly screamed, according to Deadspin.

The eyewitness added that Dimas is part of “something called the ‘unicorn army,’ in which they take pictures of themselves wearing the unicorn mask in various places and post the pictures to Instagram.”

After snapping the photo with the cop she tweeted: “Apparently you get kicked out of pirates stadium if you done a unicorn mask!”

Later, amid reports that her eyes were “glassy,” which triggered rumors that her act was drug infused, she tweeted: